Mr. Willy Wonka

83300I stayed up all night reading Going Solo. It’s too enthralling that I cannot put it down. Roald Dahl‘s a writer I admire, and that’s not just because I read his stories growing up. Going Solo is a good look into his adult life, something that seems to be as enchanting and exciting as his book, Boy: Tales of Childhood.

I think it’s his life full of rich experiences that molded into such an engaging writer. I often wonder how writers can come up with amazing stories that no one else can think  of. Then I read his own accounts of his life, and I realize that it’s probably his experiences that inspired him to write.

I can only dream of being as good a writer as him. I wonder if I already need to go to the army or maybe live in the UK. Both seem to be an impossibility at this point of my life. But I think as long as I live life to the fullest, I can at least touch just a little of what he has achieved. Please don’t tell me I’m dreaming too much. Hee.

Of course, it’s not just in writing that I aspire to be like him. I think creativity and imagination are two things that can be applied in everyday life, and not just in writing. Creativity is something that you need to make sure life is never boring.

Mr. Dahl (or should I call him Mr. Willy Wonka?) has been inspiring since I was a kid. Now that I am an adult, he continues to do so.


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