Business Clothes Color For Women

Red is a great color for bolstering one’s spirit and those with whom one interacts. It symbolizes power assertiveness and self-confidence. If red is too dramatic for one’s taste, wine or pink may achieve the same effect in a subtle way.


Yellow and orange mean energy, intellect and imagination. However, orange must be avoided if one is interested in management, banking or any conservative profession. Moreover yellow and orange must be confined to blouse only, regardless of one’s occupation.


Green in metallic shades should definitely be avoided. For office wear, khaki and avocado green are more appropriate. Light greens have a tendency to look unflattering under certain kinds of light.


Blue is a good taste color. An entire wardrobe can be built around it. Ideally, light and dark shades of blue complement each other.


Brown combined with black, very deep blue, or beige, can look expensive. Brown itself is associated with “service” suggesting that the wearer of the color is service-oriented.


Camel, beige, cream and white are all wonderful colors anytime and any place. These colors are usually associated with integrity and dependability.


Black and gray are both traditional and dramatic colors that look well on most people. However, an all black blouse or dress must never be work for work or for the job interview. They are best reserved for evening affairs.


Peach and deep purple are also acceptable for business wear.


Colors to be avoided for use are off shades of lavenders, indigo and unnatural colors such as electric blue, shocking pink and orange, durable and not easily blue green, and greenish browns.

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