Some Camera Lovin’

One of the things I can never live without is my camera. A lot of my friends don’t understand my fascination with taking photographs but that’s cool with me. All I know is that taking pictures of stuff that made an impact on my life is something that I truly enjoy and will keep on doing for as long as I can. 
My love for photography started when I was eight years old. See, my dad was a photojournalist during his golden years and he had a bad habit of taking his work home. Being the rascal that I was backed then, I became curious with his craft and later did I realized that I was shooting things on my own with a point and shoot cam that came from my old man. Although I never had the chance to develop the films I used, it was enough to get me interested on the craft. 
(photo courtesy of
The thing that hooks me the most with photography is that it allows me to immortalize precious moments. Yes, memories are good and all but the human brain (especially mine) can only store so much information. Its like I stop time whenever I click my cam and everything just stays still on my lens. I have tons of pictures with me in my computer and old albums and each one of them recorded an important part of my life. Heck, I even have pictures of events that I barely recall. They are sort of a personal reference for yours truly.
Pictures are also something that I can pass onto my future children. I still remember the days when my parents would take out a dusty album full of photos of people I didn’t even know or care about. Still, it was a moment of bonding between me and my mom and dad which I will forever treasure. I still have that album of strangers (yes, it was handed down to me) and it still takes me to a walk down memory lane every now and then.  I want my kids to have that kind of moment for their them selves. Something to remember me by when I’m six feet under.
No one can ever take my precious camera away from me. They can try prying it from my cold dead hands but its never going to leave my side for as long as I draw breath. Its my passion, my legacy, my life. 

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