5 Reasons Why You Will Surely Fail During An Exam


It’s the start of another school year again. Another year of complying with all the tasks set upon by our college professors, studying until the wee hours of the morning, and forcing oneself (or at least trying to) stay up and listen to the banters during a boring class lecture.

But the most dreaded part of any school year is the assessment period, wherein our professors will give us tons of brain wrecking exams. Though we can do a lot of preparation to make sure that we can pass all our tests with flying colors, we can also sabotage our own efforts by doing five things that would definitely affect our grades during the exams. What are these?

#1: Have a bad sleeping habits

Let’s face it, everyone can perform any task better when they had a sound sleep. So if you happen to stay up late the night before the exam day, expect to feel agitated while you are facing the test papers. It would actually be an achievement if you can stay up until the end of the period. So have a good night’s sleep before an exam!

#2: Procrastinate

How will you expect to get a good grade during an exam if you keep on checking on your social media accounts instead of reading your notes? If you want to pass, study immediately and avoid all forms of procrastination.

#3: Take the exam without proper organization

Try facing the examination paper with disheveled notes written on crumpled sheets of paper. How can you take a quick glance before the exam if you can’t find where you wrote it? That is why I would make sure that I have all my study paraphernalia organized during the exams week.

#4: Reading the exam questions incorrectly

It happened to me before. I was dead sure about my answer during an essay exam, and was overly confident that I will get a good grade when I submitted the paper to my prof. But when I got the results, I got a big fat F! I almost broke a fight with my prof, but then realized that my answers are indeed wrong because I did not read the questions properly. So to avoid incidents like this, make sure that you have read and reread the questions before you put any answers.

#5: Ran out of time

Sometimes, students tend to focus on one test question for a while. It would take too much of the time allotted for the entire exam. So my trick to avoid missing out on other questions is to skip the difficult ones first and answer those that I already know, then I would return to the hard parts once I’m done with the rest of the exam.

By learning all the five reasons why students fail in an exam, I’m sure most of you will avoid it. For sure, you will get better grades during your assessment week. Good luck on your new school year!

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