Keep Calm and Fight Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is definitely the number one enemy of writers. It occurs when you’re in the middle of finishing a deadline. It occurs for students while they’re sitting for an essay exam. It occurs to writers who need to write a pitch for an article. It occurs at very crucial moments that writers sometimes can’t do anything but pull out their hair.

It’s hard to pinpoint what causes writer’s block, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way around it. But you see, in my years of writing, I realized that writer’s block happen to me whenever I panic. It happened to me in college during my History exam. I prepared well for it but I was so afraid that I’ll forget what I studied. So in the middle of writing, I ended up panicking, thus, writer’s block. A couple of years ago, it happened to me every time the end of the month approaches. The thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish a good article scared me. Thus, writer’s block.

Once I learned controlling my nerves and keeping calm in the face of a deadline, I started to write better. Instead of thinking of the impending due date of my article or the criticisms I’ll get, I focused on my writing.

I’m not exactly sure if it’ll work for you, but it definitely works for me. When ideas are scarce, I relax myself and find reasons to be inspired. Panicking does me no good, but calming down does.

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4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Fight Writer’s Block

  1. Mm I concur! With all of this. It sounds facetious but it really can be as simple as calming down and doing something else to get inspiration. It’s odd but I do work when I have a deadline that I leave till the last possible moment – adrenaline? Maybe, but I categorically believe that I could probably churn out better stuff if I was to give myself time to do so.

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