Sharing A Little Something

If you want to know more about me then I strongly suggest that you read my other blog posts here. I see my writing as an extension of myself. It is the reflection of my soul, the very channel where my emotions and ideas could freely flow.

I used to suck at writing when I was younger. I thought it was one of those things that made my life a living hell. I had a hard time grasping the simplest of writing principles and so I had trouble when it comes to petty school requirements such as essays and term papers. I was a total mess when it comes to writing activities. However, things change as time passes by and so did my aptitude with the said craft.


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A very good friend of mine in junior high introduced me to the school’s journalism club. She said that it was the perfect opportunity for me to expand my circle of friends and get better at writing at the same time. Its like hitting two birds with one stone and since I didn’t have anything to keep me preoccupied back then, I took on the offer. It was the one of the best decisions I’ve made simply because my writing skills improved a lot after joining the group.

With practice and tremendous help from my friends, my writing skills grew. My colleagues at the journalism club even gave me pointers to work on and believe me when I say that its much better to have an extra set of eyes proofread for you. Over time I was writing like a pro and it even encouraged me to have a blog of my own.

Writing really opened a lot of opportunities for me. I got invited to write for the school publication and even had the chance to pen a decent space on our city’s news letter. The thing I used to dread when I was in junior high was also the very same craft that gave me avenues to express my ideas and find new friends. Talk about a crazy twist and a major change of heart, right?

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My point here is that I’m practicing something I used to dread. I wasn’t head over heels with the pen and paper from the get-go but crazy things happen. This might sound freaking cheesy but I’m now loving this craft with all my heart!

I guess you could say that you’re reading โ€œMEโ€ when you’re reading my work. I write whatever pops in my head or however I feel. I don’t even know why I’m writing about this stuff. The only thing running through my head right now is that I want to share something and hopefully you found some joy in it.

Thank you for patronizing yours truly and I pray that continue supporting me until I write my last thirty.

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