The Social Media Citation Guide

It is undeniable how sites like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and Instagram play both a communicative and a constructive role in important societal matters. Despite this, it took some time for the academe to take seriously the informal world of social media.

As it seems that social media will only play a bigger role in future research of all disciplines, it is just right to learn how Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube videos, etc. should be cited in academic publications.

Here is what I found in researching how to cite social media using the MLA (Modern Language Association) Style and APA (American Psychological Association) Style in scholarly writing :

Blog Post

MLA :: Last Name, First Name. “Title of the Blog Post Entry.” Blog Title. Publisher. Date posted. Web. Date Accessed.

APA :: Last Name, First Initial. (Year, Month Date). Title of the Blog Post Entry. [Web Log Post]. Retrieved from

YouTube Video

MLA :: Title of Video. Date of Publication of Video. Youtube. Web. Date Accessed.

APA :: Last Name, First Initial. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from



MLA :: Last Name, First Name (Username). “Enter the tweet message here.” Date posted, time viewed. Tweet.

APA :: Twitter handle. (Year, Month Day). Enter the tweet message here. [Twitter post]. Retrieved from

Facebook Post

MLA :: Last Name, First Name. “Enter Facebook post here.” Facebook. Date posted. [Date accessed. <web address>]

APA :: Username. (Year, Month Day). Enter facebook post here. [Facebook update]. Retrieved from


MLA :: Last Name, First Name. “Subject of Message.” Message to Recipient’s Name. Date of Message. Email.

APA :: In text citation only (personal communication, Month Day, Year)

I hope this guide will be of help to you in your academic paper writing. Avoid plagiarism! Always observe proper citation. 🙂

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