How to Avoid Stress of Paper Editing

Everything that involves writing produces stress even with the simple paper editing. But of course, there will always be effective ways to relieve the stress you feel when doing it. Editing is a process in writing that is said to be encouraging more stress than research and writing because you are checking everything one by one. Editing ensures the quality of the writing piece before it can be published. The following can help students edit their essays, research papers, and thesis as well as writers in editing books.


Have a break, have a coffee, chocolate, or why not a vacation? It is important that you do delightful things during a tough work. But most just prefer to relax mind and body to avoid stress and sickness. Stress can make anyone ineffective for work. It can also give someone sickness that can stop them from making it through the editing process.

Indulge yourself with your favorite food or something sweet that can give you pleasure while editing your work. It is advisable to eat healthy too when doing such stressful activities. Sometimes, when someone works too hard, healthy food is just enough to avoid possible result of working hard like stress.

Don’t stay too much on your workplace. It’s suffocating. Go out and breath some fresh air. Be inspired by the things you can see, hear and feel. To see beautiful things can make you feel relieve. This can also give you ideas and motivation you can apply when you go back to work.

But don’t be too complacent. Remember you are not done yet. It is important to take breaks but don’t make it too long that you can no longer meet the deadline.

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